SOMA SEMA is Taiwan original brand, a studio. create products that can be used every day with sustainability and refinement. good at using intuitive observation, just like the sculpture form, to feel the accidental beauty in the production, change and retain it be unique,

be the new shape, and be a kind of way to present the modern beauty.

SOMA SEMA 為台灣原創品牌,一人工作室,以永續和精緻為理念打造可於日常使用的製品。



Production and Design

SOMA SEMA most of time now is engaged in the production of jewelry.

All design and production by hand. adhere to the concept of sustainability, SOMA SEMA Choose to slow down in the process of product development, and focus on preliminary works, like Select materials used and think about the details and functionality until to finish peices jewelry.

Work procedures will vary depending on products design, every link in the many steps all checked personally to reduce unnecessary production waste, and using the most suitable way to make the jewelry.

In addition to finishing the production process with my own hands, same times cooperate and discuss jewelry made with artisans in the industry. While mastering the progress of products, it can also improve related knowledge such as traditional craftsmanship, and  become more professional in jewelry production.

SOMA SEMA 目前的製品大多數為珠寶首飾, 所有珠寶均為手工獨立開發和製作,而秉持永續性的理念,在開發過程裡選擇放慢腳步,專注前期製作,仔細品選材料,實驗材質和特性,思考做工細節及功能性,細緻地完成開發及打樣。製品會依設計而有所有不同,親自把關每一道製作品質和環節,以減少不必要的製作浪費,並選用最適當的製作手法完成商品,讓美慢慢成形。


SOMA SEMA 生產自己的飾品以外,



Producing own jewelry, SOMA SEMA also offer you the personal customization, Wedding ring customization, offer design and production of jewelry to brand or enterprises.

welcome contact Email to soma.sema.studio@gmail.com or message to Instagram @soma.sema.studio