Silver & Brass

Most of the metals on the market that cause allergies are alloys with different components plated. SOMA SEMA production jewelry use 925 sterling silver and brass with no electroplated.
To prevent silver and brass oxidizing, all silver and brass order provide the silver polishing cloth to maintain the finish of your piece. If jewelry tarnishing, gently clean with the provided silver polishing cloth.

市面上會引發過敏的飾品多為成分不單一的電鍍合金,所以工作室製作的 925 純銀和原銅飾品皆未電鍍。如果純銀原銅飾品失去光澤或氧化,請使用隨訂製附贈的拭銀布清潔恢復飾品的金屬光澤。

Gold Vermeil & Gold Plated

Only pure gold products will not oxidize. Tarnishing of gold vermeil or gold plated is natural. we can’t ensure how long the gold layer stays on jewelry, The reason and extent of tarnishing depends on various factors, including, among other things, individual body chemistry, humidity in the environment, frequency of use, and care. should more care the Vermeil and Plated jewelry using.

Vermeil or plated jewelry should be removed prior to washing hands, bathing, swimming, exercising, and applying perfume, hairspray, lotion or any detergent, as exposure to moisture or chemicals may cause tarnishing to occur faster. Cleaning the vermeil or plated jewelry can’t use the silver polishing cloth, avoid all chemical cleaners. Use microfiber soft cloth best.

We offer a replating service for a fee. if you need gold vermeil jewelry replated again. please email to for a replating quote.




Ore . Agate . Jade . Crystal . Shell . Pearl . Coral

SOMA SEMA love to use natural material to production jewelry. nature material, Especially Pearls, corals and shells are organic material, there are made of fragile, should Avoid strong impacts, High temperature irradiation, avoid contact with strong chemicals.

SOMA SEMA 喜歡使用天然材料來製作珠寶。 天然材質,特別是珍珠、珊瑚、貝殼屬於有機材質是易碎性質,應避免強烈撞擊、高溫照射,避免與烈性化學物質接觸。

SOMA SEMA recommend you often to take care of your jewelry to prolong its lifespan. When not to use jewelry, keep it safe in the provided dust bag or your box, it is best can to isolate the air. and keep your jewelry separate to avoid scratching. Using jewelry avoid activities which expose your piece for scratches or potential damage.


Wish the jewelry peices can stay with you for a long time.